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IEN1500 Water Filter Cartridge

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H2O Direct have developed a range of ION Exchange Resin Filters that can be used in a wide variety of applications including hot water boilers, hot liquid vending and espresso machines. The technology within these filters reduce scale build up and prevent unpleasant metallic and/or chlorine tastes with an easy to change auto water shut off facility, whilst protecting your machinery against costly break downs.

WHO USES IEN FILTERS? • Hot Drinks Vendors • Restaurants/Cafés • Catering • Offices

WHY USE IEN FILTERS? • Reduce scale build up • Ph balanced • Protect machines • Saves expensive service costs • Easy install/change
✔ High level of scale reduction
✔ 0-70% Variable and Fixed 30% bypass system options available with specially blended resin to stabilise pH levels
✔ Reduced chlorine content, bad taste and odour issues
✔ Superior performance and efficiency when compared to other leading brands (in house testing)
✔ Auto water shut off